Welcome to IBMC

The International Biblical Missionary Churches was founded in 2003 which comprised with different Branches, Missionary Training Biblical Theological College & Seminary (BTC&S), Missionary Children Home, (M.C.H), Calvary Hospital/Clinic and School. IBMC is registered with Karnataka State Government as Social, Education and religious Trust. IBMC is a Movement which is “SAVING LIFE.” Our origin is from the Scripture and from the Cross of Jesus and His redemption, T.L.Haokip, heard the voice of God and responded to His calling and by Listening to the Cry of the people of the World without Salvation. The International Biblical Missionary Churches ministries is born for the purpose of Saving Life in:

  1. Saving Life from eternal condemnation and sins.
  2. Saving Life from circle of poverty line.
  3. Saving Orphan, children and Widow.
  4. Saving people from drugs and Alcohol.
  5. Saving Life of people who are illiterate and down trodden.

To Love, To Save, To Care, To Share, To Equip, To Send.

Our Mission is to present the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ and His Divine love to unreached people in Asia, to witness individual and go for door to door evangelism and plant Churches among nonChristian. To break the barrier of Caste, Creed and Tribes, through the oneness in Jesus and His love towards the World.

Our Vision

  • To Loving: Our relationship with God, which focuses on love as a compelling force to love one another and to the lost World with God’s love.
  • To Saving: Because of the values of human soul. Every person will live forever either in blessing in Heaven eternally or miserable in Hell forever. (John 3:36)
  • To Caring: Our responsibility lies in working for the Lord, whether it is in “looking after orphans or widows in distress” (James 1:27), giving food to the hungry, Cloths to the naked, visiting those in prison, Hospital. (Matthew 25:35-36), serving in our workplace (Colossians 3:22) 
  • To Sharing: Give to the world what precious Treasure we have in Christ, and share our knowledge, food and provide the need of the people without selfishness as Christ gift himself to us. (Matt.16:26)
  • To Equipping: To recruit, train indigenous people in their contextual cultural and lifestyle, and preparing the believers in Bible College as Pastor, Evangelist, Missionary and Bible Teacher to fulfil World Evangelization with God’s Love. (Eph.4:12)
  • To Sending The great commission of the Lord clearly tell us that World Evangelization is incomplete so IBMC main purpose is to send out workers in Harvest land, to plant churches and expand the Kingdom of God.(Matt.28:19-20)